Let’s Stop Calling Our Sons Heartbreakers

“He’s going to be a heartbreaker.” I say it, my friends say it, and strangers at the grocery store say it when Ilyas flashes his signature crooked smile, brown eyes shining like decadent hot fudge. And I have to catch myself.


My son was delivered with ten fingers and ten toes. Blue because of some complications at the end, but otherwise apparently healthy. Our stay at the hospital was a breeze and Ilyas seemed well… Until our first night at home. We could not get him to lie down and sleep. My husband and I tried everything we’d read in the mountains of parenting books. And he just. Wouldn’t. Sleep.

My Secret to Losing 40lbs in 90 Days

We've moved! Since creating this blog in 2017, we've launched Becoming Mama — artfully crafted fashions for bump to breastfeeding. Please visit our new blog for the latest and greatest. Happy mommy-ing! I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight three months postpartum. That’s right... I was down 40 pounds in about 90 days. Want to …

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